For a
better future

Many small people in many small places, taking many small steps, can change the face of the world. (Stefan Zweig)

The OKE Group is a strong community. Our employees are committed to helping children who come into the world with poor prospects on education and the social security that goes with it. With OKE Kinderhilfe (Children’s Aid), we collect and coordinate the many small donations in order to provide meaningful help on a larger scale. The money flows unabated into our projects without any administrative costs. Helping people to help themselves is our goal: through a good education and health, we give children the chance to lead a better life.

Even with the smallest donations we can achieve a lot!


OKE Children's Aid in
India and South Africa

All the children were orphans or half-orphans and, without our help, would have had to work in the fields instead. We made it possible for the boys and girls to be children and grow up in a protective environment.

During this time we also supported a school in South Africa, which was close to our factory in Cape Town. We supported the school with the financing of meals, school materials and later also with the reconstruction of the school.

Education and hygiene

Children's Aid
in Burkina Faso

A second part of this project deals with the training of girls and young women to become plumbers. The need for well-trained female plumbers is great in Burkina Faso, but there are hardly any training opportunities in this sector. The few apprenticeships are not affordable for the majority of the population.

There is a great need for plumbers, especially in the public drinking water, sewage and sanitation sectors. This is because the infrastructure is insufficiently distributed and the existing one is so poor that in many areas it tends to even favour the spread of waterborne diseases. Furthermore, the supply of safe and clean drinking water is not guaranteed at all in many regions of Burkina Faso.

By completing their training as plumbers, the graduates can gain a foothold in the local labour market and build a professional future for themselves. They support their families and act as influencers in their community:
They create awareness for preventive health and hygiene measures.